Fresh Nuggets of Gimme Awesomeness

Some really cool stuff happening with Gimme lately, especially with regards to its animation capabilities.

I whipped together something that started off (in my head anyway) as a sort of copy of CoverFlow on Mac OS. However, before I was finished, it had morphed into a general purpose animation-along-an-arbitrary-path-type-routine.

This code isn't yet checked into the repository, but for anyone who is interested in taking a look, here are two different demo pages to see the "bleeding edge" of what is going on with Gimme:

There are a few things worth nothing. The first link is a really quick-n-dirty prototype, so there are bound to be bugs. The page takes a few seconds to load as it is pulling remote photos from my Spaces photo album. You'll have to wait until everything is loaded and in place to try out the demo. Just click on any image and you'll get the idea. You can also change the shape of the curve that the images follow by clicking on the "S Shape" button.

The second link is a general animation demo page. By providing a set of Bezier control points (comma separated coordinates / spaces separated points), you can instruct the script to plot any curve and then have the red block follow that curve. You can also chose the AccelerationLine you want to use with the animation (note that Linear is a bad name, and should really be None -- I will fix this one day).

You can even use the text area on the right side of the page to execute arbitrary custom code. I've provided a sample that animates the red block counter-clockwise around an ellipse 2 and 1/2 times.

As you can see, it doesn't take much code at all to achieve some fairly sophisticated animation with Gimme.

In a future blog entry, I hope to polish up this code and provide a deeper explanation of the samples (as well as get this code checked into the repository).

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